Formpipe is a software company in the field of ECM (Enterprise Content Management). ECM is the collective name of various technologies, products and systems that captures, processes, stores, archives and delivers information in a systematic and controlled manner.

With professional ECM products are taking the public sector, businesses and organizations control over the growing amount of information generated in today's society. The importance of being able to select and choose the right information reaches the right recipient becomes increasingly important. Good order in the flow of information creates efficiency and eliminate risks.

Our products

Our products Acadre, Contentworker, Platina, Platina LS, W3D3, Long-Term Archive, OnDemand and Lasernet offers functionality for the above purpose. Our software capture, structure, streamline and distribute information flows. Formpipe's products reduce the risk exposure of the information-intensive organizations and companies. An important parameter that create security, stability, and provide conditions for increased profitability.


Formpipe has been active in the existing legal entity since 2005. The company's shares were listed January 19, 2010 on the OMX Stockholm after having been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2005.