Business Concept

Formpipe develops and provides software products to capture, structure, and distribute information flows to increase organizational efficiency. Company products shall, through secure and effective information management, generate unique business value and thereby create relative competitive advantage for our customers. We focus on ECM products used for secure document and record management as well as input and output data processing. Formpipe distributes our products via certified partners. We also continuously develop our partnership model as an important consideration for future growth.


"To be perceived as ECM and be the benchmark"
Formpipe shall be synonymous with ECM and set the norm for structured information management.

Operational and Financial Goals

Formpipe shall generate good profitability and growth exceeding the general ECM market through having the most attractive product offering. Our ECM products shall always lead technology development and usability to increase satisfaction for our customers and partners, creating greater loyalty by adding value throughout the entire product life cycle.

Formpipe shall be an attractive workplace with a cohesive organization and well functioning quality assurance and managerial processes. Moreover, Formpipe shall be an attractive employer for advanced software developers interested in working with high quality projects that involve market leading and innovative products. Important guiding principles and values for the company culture at Formpipe are Quality, Efficiency, Profitability, Trustworthiness and Pride.