”Lasernet is a really good platform, where we are able to see a lot of savings in relation to our internal processes”

At A-TEX, they have been using Lasernet for some time, gradually implementing Lasernet within even more areas when it comes to document output. This allows A-TEX to reap major savings and also implement an uniform and professional branding of the company on all business documents.

When it comes to input, they are now starting to implement full scanning of all incoming invoices, and the project is moving along as planned, explains IT Director Ole Aggerholm:

”By scanning and picking up data from invoices, we have taken a huge step towards streamlining the way we process incoming documents at A-TEX. We are ninety percent there with regards to our Danish office, and when we are able to scan our supplier invoices, we have reached our goal. Hong Kong is also starting up slowly, and our goal is that all thirteen companies will come onboard with this solution. It is a big project, but also really exciting as well, as we are able to take home a lot of savings.”