Founded in Sweden, and with operations in 12 European countries, Bluefish Pharmaceuticals has become one of the world’s most progressive generic pharmaceuticals companies. With a clear corporate vision of making quality medicines accessible to all, Bluefish Pharmaceuticals offers an impressive product portfolio consisting of a broad range of high quality generics for all major therapeutic areas.

By focusing on innovation and simplicity, and driving cost efficiency in all stages, the company has created a strong and vibrant brand that offers quality pharmaceuticals at prices affordable to all. 

With a clear mandate to deliver value, drive efficiency at every opportunity and a dedication to continuously improve processes across the company, Bluefish Pharmaceuticals embarked upon an initiative to assess its methods of quality assurance and compliance management.

After appropriate scrutiny and due diligence, Bluefish selected the pre-configured, SharePoint based, enterprise EQMS, X-docs, by Formpipe Life Science utilising the Docs, Train and Forms modules. The latter consisted of pre-configured processes to manage Deviations, Change Controls and CAPAs.

The X-docs EQMS met all of the company’s specified needs.