Paper, binders, and document piles are history at the Gävleborg County Council governmental offices.
Thanks to their implementation of Platina, an ECM product developed by Formpipe.

"Structure and organization are the basis for high quality", says Anders Tollmar, Senior Coordination Manager and Platina system owner at the Gävleborg County government.

The county medical laboratory operates six units. To guarantee quality and security in these operations there are over 2,000 controlling documents and some 500 audited documents in a management system. This includes procedures, work place descriptions, equipment descriptions and instructions, as well as auditing documentation to maintain accreditation from SWEDAC (the Swedish Board of Accreditation and Conformity Assessment). And, it is extremely important that all these documents are kept up-to-date with validated versions.

The management system previously consisted of paper documents in a binder system. This created an unwieldy process for the over 200 employees at six different sites. Ensuring that all this documentation was fully updated at all times easily lead to quality problems. New procedures required long updating processes, and paper consumption was significant. If an error occurred in any of the documents, the process could take even longer, causing unnecessary delays in providing relevant information, which could affect quality negatively.

"Our workers in the medical laboratory department were very pleased with implementing Platina, since it gave them immediate access to up-to-date and validated documentation".

Implemented throughout the county health care corporation The positive response from the laboratory department led the county council to implement Platina as support for the management system of the entire Gävleborgs County government — all 230 care units. It thus became the first county to eliminate all their paper and binders to instead rely on the web. Currently, the quality coordinators for each operation are undergoing training to understand the functions thesystem offers.

"My colleagues see this as very exciting and stimulating, and look forward to starting to use the Platina system. At the courses, they want to stay on and learn more, so we almost have to kick them out", laughs Anders relating his experience.

What are your targets for expanding the new ECM system?

"Efficiency and patient security is what we most want from acquiring this structure and organization. It is highly important to be able to update our documentation quickly and easily. All our workers can easily access and read the latest versions that they need. What's more, managers can set permissions for limiting access to the correct documents, and then check that the document was actually read".

The management system is also easier to maintain with each role and responsible manager taking care of creating, reviewing, and confirming every document after receiving an automatic notice to do so. With the product's built-in functionality for document control, managers have constant control of version management for each document and can see all changes made and when. Permissions and roles can be easily administered through the Platina administration interface that is integrated with the county administraton's ‘Active Directory’.

What gains have you seen from using Platina?

"Most important for us is the health of our patients. Platina enables us to work systematically to reduce errors and problems by giving us faster access to current and relevant procedures, checklists, and other documents. So the greatest gain is better health care and fewer errors. We naturally strive to keep mistakes to an absolute minimum, to do things correctly from the start, and thereby avoid unnecessary suffering and costs caused when we have to correct a mistake.
Furthermore, we can also significantly improve efficiency in our administration and greatly reduce paperwork. Another significant advantage is enabling distance work. Since every document has a single source, geographic location is longer a consideration in accessing the information, which can be used 24/7".