Gävleborg County Council work in a structured and orderly way with the governing documents required to carry out high quality diagnostics of patient tests. We also manage the records required for an accredited test laboratory. It is the standard platform FormPipe Platina which organises and manages the documents.


Laboratory Medicine at Gävleborg County Council runs its operation at six laboratories. In order to guarantee quality and safety within the operation, there are approx. 2 000 governing documents and approx. 500 records. These can be anything from supervisory documents, work place descriptions or quick reference guides for testing equipment to records required for accreditation from SWEDAC. It is of the utmost importance that these documents are always updated with valid versions.

The administrative process previously entailed paper documents and folder systems which created a very unwieldy process. There were difficulties in guaranteeing valid versions of the documents and, with approx. 200 employees in six different locations, it was difficult to guarantee that the documents were updated at all locations. It took a long time to update new instructions and paper consumption was high.


Work flow, document management and publication on the Intranet FormPipe Software’s partner Agio was given the task of setting up an IT-support to co-ordinate the management system for Laboratory Medicine.
They started by designing a model for the different stages of the work process, which was
developed from the traditional paper and folder administrative system. The FormPipe Platina was then configured to provide support for the process. With the help of FormPipe Platina’s inbuilt features to create the work flow, the whole process is now carried out electronically.

The different functions which manage the creation, checking and approval of the documents are automatically communicated when the appropriate time has come to be involved in the process. Once a task has been completed, the process continues until the approved document is published on the Intranet. Thanks to the system’s inbuilt features for document management, it is always possible to check the version status of the document as well as which changes have been made and by whom. Access rights and roles are easily administered in FormPipe Platina’s user management system which is integrated with the County Council’s AD (Active Directory).


Effective and secure management of governing documents.
Today, folders and paper have been removed and shelves and benches are gone. It is easy to search for governing documents via the Intranet and be confident that a valid version is being used in one’s work. With a single source to the documents, it no longer matters where one is sitting geographically and the documents are accessible both day and night. Administration time has been reduced as has the amount of paper used.

Accredited by SWEDAC
The State authority, SWEDAC, which is a national accreditation body, has accredited the operation. Gävleborg County Council now has a user-friendly solution which complies with SWEDAC’S strict requirements for accreditation of analyses within Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Pathology and Cytology as well as within Transfusion Medicine.