Lasernet makes Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 better for DAFA.

“We are pleased with our new MS Dynamics AX 2012 platform, but on the output side, meaning the invoices and purchase orders – known as reports in the AX world – we have chosen a different solution for self-management and changes in our prints. In this area we use Lasernet instead – and for many other things as well.”

So says Michael Findal Andreassen, who is head of IT at DAFA in Aarhus. In Aarhus, DAFA has more than 140 employees producing a wide range of products such as seals, gaskets and foam packaging, delivering customized solutions with these products to companies in a large part of world. At DAFA, they have used MS Dynamics AX as their ERP system for many years, and when Michael Findal Andreassen was employed as an IT project manager in 2010, it was with the clear task to upgrade from the old AX version from 2004 to the at the time newest version from 2009. In the end, they decided to wait for the Dynamics AX version 2012, which they began using in August 2012.

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