For the Austrian company General Solar Systems, a leading provider of solar thermal heating solutions, implementing a Lasernet solution meant realizing a number of different benefits.

First of all, it became possible to have the same layout for all subsidiaries in the
SolarCAP Group, the parent company of General Solar Systems and a range of
other companies selling solar energy systems and solutions. With eight different
European locations, creating a standardized and professional-looking layout for
business documents that can be changed in a matter of minutes became a business
critical factor. As Oliver Aichinger, Manager IT-Infrastructure at the Austrian
headquarters of General Solar Systems, explains:

“What we immediately saw as one of the biggest benefits with LaserNet was how we could save money on travelling around and customizing the settings at each location. All documents produced from our ERP system have the same layout for each subsidiary. That makes it easier for us to implement standard documents (Keyword CI). If employees travel around to other locations on business trips, they do not need to worry about the printout at the next location, thanks to Lasernet.”

User-friendly documents in a moment

Oliver Aichinger continues: “We also quickly experienced other benefits in relation to some of our other IT solutions. With our UNIFLOW printer solution from Canon, the process of printing documents became very simple: Users always print to the same printer when printing business documents, no matter where they are, and always with the same layout on the documents. And whenever we change a logo, a slogan, or something else on our standard documents, changes are effectuated within a few minutes for all concerned business documents. Perfect!”