Mr. Jean Rygaard, IT and Digitisation Manager in Høje-Taastrup Municipality: “Because of the implementation of Traen’s standard system our organisation will experience a more holistic case management and higher efficiency hence better integration into our other IT systems. Furthermore the municipality will save 30% on the yearly maintenance costs.”

Høje-Taastrup Municipality and Formpipe have recently finalised a successful implementation of the electronic case and document management system Acadre. With this new system the municipality has finally got the modern, effective and user friendly IT-solution so long requested. Optimised working processes, better citizen service and higher efficiency are just some of the benefits the municipality look forward to.

Substantial quantitative effect

“With the implementation of the standard system from Formpipe our employees will experience that the case management will be quicker and more effective,” IT- and Digitisation Manager Jean Rygaard points out. The municipality has recently decided to switch to Formpipe's electronic case management and document system Acadre and Jean Rygaard is convinced that the new system will lead to significant changes for both the individual employee and the municipality in general. “One quantitative effect from the implementation of the new system will be employees experiencing time savings in everything from handling letters to creation of and relocating cases,” he explains and underlines how optimising the daily work procedures with regard to increased efficiency has been an essential parameter when choosing the new system.

“Such streamlining will in the long run result in substantial cost reductions in the municipality, and exactly the prospects of a potential effect between two and three full-time equivalents formed the basis of purchasing Formpipe's standard system. Furthermore the municipality will be able to cut back on 30% of the yearly maintenance costs,” Jean Rygaard elaborates.

The modern IT-solution

The change of the electronic case management and document system in Høje-Taastrup Municipality is an important step in their IT strategy and efforts for consolidating and providing optimum conditions for an effective and holistic IT utilisation. “Functionality and integration into present and future IT-systems have been crucial aspects when choosing the new electronic case and document management system,” Jean Rygaard points out. “Apart from this it is essential that the new system has a modern and more user friendly interface,” he explains. And at the same time underlines how the implementation of the standard system from Formpipe will result in a strengthened workflow and substantial optimisation of working processes, not least in relation to servicing the citizens. “With the new electronic case and document management system it is possible to work more holistic with the case management and access citizen cases from all municipality centres, a long time requested wish.”

Professional implementation and strict management

It is the first time Høje-Taastrup Municipality cooperates with Formpipe. And when it comes to the implementing process Jean Rygaard expresses great satisfaction. “The process has been very professional and strictly managed,” he underlines. “This has stipulated demands to our own project management – in a good way.”

”The cooperation with Traen has fully met our expectations. We have experienced Traen’s competence in such projects systemising the deliverance and the management,” the IT- and Digitisation Manager concludes.