“Thanks to our Lasernet system we can now print our business forms on to plain laser stock, eliminating the cost & difficulties associated with pre-printed stationery. Further on, Lasernet enables us to distribute documents via email and archive them electronically. We save over € 15,000 a year on printing, postage & filing costs. With a low starting cost the Lasernet solution is an investment that has given us our money back many times over.”

These are the words of Thomas Bak Olesen, IT Director of Invita, one of Denmark's largest Kitchen & Bedroom manufacturers. Invita sells its products through 50 retail outlets in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. And it is the tremendous improvement in the exchange of information between the company and the retailers that has delivered the greatest benefits, explains Thomas Bak Olesen: 
When I started this project, I quickly realised that our form system was both expensive and impractical. There were a number of preprinted forms such as order and confi rmation documents, and each of these needed to be produced in three languages. We were spending a lot of money on printing, and when we needed to change a form, for instance to update a telephone number, we had to throw out all the remaining copies and order a new stack from the printers. It was a hopeless system, so we started to look for a smarter solution.” 

95 % Print Savings

As soon as Lasernet had been installed, the team started converting all the forms to an electronic format so they could be printed onto plain laser stock. “This soon produced real benefits.” says Thomas Bak Olesen and adds:
We converted the forms one by one as we ran out of the preprinted ones and defined them in Lasernet with layout, fixed texts, variable fields and so on. It wasn't hard to do, even though some of the forms, such as our order confirmation has over 20 fields.”
Within 3-4 months all our preprinted forms except one had been converted into an electronic format so that they could be printed out on normal paper. This saved us a lot of time and money. The system even allows us to print on both sides of the paper at the same time. The one exception was the invoice, because it includes a perforated giro form.