More efficient case management and improved service with W3D3

When Linköping municipality needed a new case management system, officials began to study the market to identify possible products. The system had to be able to implement all-inclusive case management in which documents and cases could be linked to provide a uniform structure in the administration. “We wanted our system to include support for administrators and investigators. We wanted to be able to easily find information, administer cases and, in a simple manner, comply with statutory requirements regarding the processing of public information,” states Lars-Åke Ekström, Administrative Director of Linkoping Municipality. “This releases time so our administrators can undertake more qualified duties.” “We also want the new system to assume a central position in the work of improving our contact with citizens. Increasing our insights and improving search opportunities after cases are registered was a priority. What we were after was efficiency enhancement of our work and better service for our citizens,” states Lars-Åke.

Complete functions and good references

“A thorough analysis of products in the market was undertaken, and during the evaluation we also contacted Västerås and Örebro who had already chosen W3D3. In the end we chose to go forward with W3D3 and it was the functionality of their solution which was decisive. Competing systems could not compare with W3D3; in addition the product has many users amongst other municipalities in Sweden,” notes Lars-Åke Ekström.

All cases in one place

Today, almost 12,000 cases per year are registered in  W3D3 and the municipality is working actively to include a larger number of administrators from a number of different committees as users. “Coordinated work across committee boundaries ensures that everyone has a better overview,” states Mariella Andersson, Project Manager at Linköping Municipality. One important gain for Linköping Municipality is also the streamlined process for the preparation and production of documentation underlying the decisions elected officials are to take. Currently, all committee procedures are processed through W3D3 for a number of the municipality’s committees and several more will soon be joining the system.

E-services products and platform for processing

Making file processes automatic also means that a resident of Linköping can, for example, log on with their e-ID and submit a citizen proposal to the municipality. This is automatically recorded in W3D3 and a case is prepared for further processing.

The future

Linköping continues with the successive roll out of municipality wide case management in all municipal operations and the intention is to successively integrate W3D3 into other municipal IT systems. “I see W3D3 as a window into municipal operations, through which the majority of the activities taking place in the municipality can be examined,” concludes Lars-Åke Ekström.