For the management of the logistics of incoming orders from the Internet, NetOnNet earlier had a less efficient system in which cargo manifests and packing slips was printed at different times.

Then you manually had to pair these documents which were not always printed in the same order, in order to be able to send the package with the ordered goods. There was also a limited opportunity to have a say about the graphical layout of the information on the order which was printed on postage and delivery notes. The same applied to the order information sent to the customer via e-mail. Sometimes, it was neccesay to do adjustments in the information sent out and then the process of updating the templates was both time consuming and difficult.


When NetOnNet made a change of business systems to Jeeves, they simultaneously looked for an opportunity to streamline the administration around the internet orders.

"The supplier delivering the business system tipped us off about Lasernet because the functions that were in Jeeves for printing was not satisfactory for NetOnNet’s needs, "said Bjorn Larsson.