“In early 2005 a 'requirement' was issued from all our government customers that invoices should no longer be delivered in paper format, but as e-invoices in XML format. As a large part of our customer base comes from the public sector our attention was significantly awakened, particularly as it was not so much a request, but a legal directive from the Danish Government. However, this didn’t mean that our company did not stand to benefit from the initiative.”

Jane Johansen, IT Manager, continued:
“Right from the start, we instinctively knew it would be more cost effective to convert our ERP output to XML than to use a third party company to scan our paper invoices, convert them to XML and then forward them to our customers. This would be just too expensive, take too long and could have led to payment delays. But the question was, how could our ERP data be converted to XML without our ERP having to be completely reprogrammed? This was a critical point, as we were planning to move from Concorde to Agresso in two years time and didn’t want to spend time & money on updating a soon to be obsolete system.”

“With these thoughts in mind we attended a Lasernet Output Management seminar and soon realised that Lasernet would provide the perfect remedy to our quandary. Not only would Lasernet allow us to convert our invoice output to oioXML, but the Lasernet set-up could easily be transferred from Concorde to Agresso. The resultant implementation of Lasernet went extremely well and we were prepared for electronic invoicing by the required date of March 2005. Indeed, we achieved the target several months earlier than many of our government customers!” Jane Johansen added with a note of irony.