When facing new invoice layout demands, Ports of Stockholm realized that their old system did no longer meet their requirements. To change layouts they needed new development of the product, which was not available in a satisfying way.

The lack of opportunity to easily adjust the layouts of their invoices and to enable them to manage new formats and distribution channels drove them to look for new alternatives. Seeing that Ports of Stockholm answers to the same directives as The City of Stockholm and the laws of public procurement (LOU), they made an official procurement. FormPipe Software’s partner OptoSweden decided to answer this with a public tender including the product Lasernet.


After comparing a number of alternatives they arrived at the conclusion that Lasernet not only met their demands of a simplified layout management and a user friendly interface, but the product made it possible for them to expand their usage of such a product. The ability to create and distribute PDF’s via e-mail was chosen as a supplement immediately. Meeting future demands of a variety of electronic invoice formats was seen as a another reason for choosing Lasernet. Furthermore, OptoSweden satisfied their need of good support of the product.


Today, with the help of Lasernet, Ports of Stockholm has taken control over their invoice layout and thereby the quality of the document. Since layout changes nowadays can easily be made internally, great savings have been made in cutting consultancy costs, which would have been necessary in any other case, even for the smallest of adjustments of the layout.