The council previously used a custom solution for case and journal administration. When the system no longer served the Council’s purposes, open bids were taken for a replacement in 2004.

Effective management

The Arts Council chose to invest in the FormPipe W3D3 case management system. This helped establish a common interface for all departments, as well as bring greater efficiency to their case management.
"Handling all the funding applications and other matters can be extensive. Each application has some 10 to 20 pages of documentation as well as continuing correspondence", Cia relates.

Always correct information

Our processing is now decentralised and effective. We manage a total of 7,500 matters annually, of which some 6,500 are funding applications. We have nearly 5,000 web-based applications that get automatically registered with added metadata and are immediately available for review. This process used to include manual registration, which was then reported to an administrator. Written documents are scanned into the system for automatic processing. Case managers can access all documentation electronically.

Significant time savings using e-service

"Web applicants are assigned a case number they receive via e-mail so they can follow their application over the Web. This greatly reduces the number of phone inquiries. Managers can keep a journal of all e-mail communications directly from the e-mail client with a simple click, explains Cia.

Time savings are significant from the automated processes. The quality of the applications is greatly improved, not least through the e-service where applicants receive instructions for mandatory fields and information.

Overview and traceability

"Our employees have a much easier time searching through each case, as well as in comparing information in different cases. – Case managers can get a simple overview of each matter and we can quickly produce complete reports for our board and department heads", continues Cia.

As well, all information is preserved for the future.
"FormPipe W3D3 can be integrated with other systems, so a likely next step is to connect it to SharePoint to fill out the workspace our case managers can use".

Development opportunities

W3D3 will be the hub in future development, and can be integrated with other systems used at the Arts Council, such as their financial management system Agresso. Recently, another system for online application and reporting was integrated in W3D3, while now, the publishing solution EPiServer is being integrated for feedback and reports.