When Lotteriinspektionen, the Swedish Gaming Board, started using Platina they reduced paper processing and speeded handling of applications, while their personnel spent less time on routine tasks.


The Swedish Gaming Board must approve all gambling operating applications in Sweden. Historically, such applications were made on paper requiring time-consuming processing. A simple example is placement of a gaming machine in a restaurant — which required seven different documents to be filled in for the application to start. These are then sent to the local municipal district administration for review and response, again on paper sent back to the Board. With over 2,200 such sites throughout Sweden, all needing annual license renewal, you can understand the amounts of paper being sent back and forth. This takes significant time for personnel to perform time consuming routine tasks, including entering the paper based information for digital processing.

As this became obviously inefficient, the Board's General Director ordered replacement of the custom-built legacy system with a newer, more flexible, module based case and document management system.

A flexible system

The choice fell to Platina by Formpipe after a thorough evaluation of the market. One advantage is that the product is modularised so that Lotteriinspektionen only had to buy the parts they use. But another advantage weighed even heavier in the choice.

“We mostly liked the product's flexibility compared to the other systems we evaluated. This enabled us to easily integrate Platina with our business system and an in-house system we developed to manage granting licenses”, related Catharina.

The Gaming Board purchased modules for case, journal and document management, which together have enabled the Board to automate many tasks they previously did manually. Back to the restaurant gaming machine — these license applications are now sent electronically as adigital document. Personnel at the Gaming Board only need to review that the information is correct and click OK. The application is stored automatically and the review is sent to the appropriate person in the right municipal district. After approval, the license is sent back electronically to the right applicant.

Greater efficiency

This has increased efficiency significantly in work processes at the Gaming Board.

“We no longer have to handle the 14,000 pieces of paper annually that we used to. But rather, we take only one minute to enter an application to the system, instead of the ten minutes before”, says Catharina Wallenius.

Another advantage with Platina is that every document is now indexed and placed correctly. There is no longer the risk of someone accidentally misplacing a document, which is then difficult to find.  Platina helps to organize all this without the active involvement of anyone. Even though it can be a little difficult starting to use any new product, they did not experience serious problems with Platina at the Gaming Board according to Catharina.

“Our personnel had to learn new work methods, but the product is so user-friendly that we were able to start using it easily”, she adds. “Platina lets our personnel perform more interesting tasks than just re-entering something that is written on paper”.

In the one-and-a-half years that Platina has been used at the Gaming Board, the product is widely accepted and Catharina is convinced that there are still gains to be made using the product.

“We appreciate when our digital systems and products can do routine tasks for us so we can work on more qualified tasks, and we see that Platina has enabled this well for us so far. We anticipate using the product even more to increase efficiency in the future”, she adds.

In summary the Gaming Board gives Platina an A+.

“We are extremely satisfied with Platina and it has definitely been a good investment for us”, Catharina concludes.