ECM – Enterprise Content Management – is the collective designation of the technologies, products, and systems used to help organizations structure and manage their information in all phases, throughout its lifecycle, from creation to archiving.

ECM products capture, process, store, preserve and deliver information in a structured, controlled and integrated process. Efficient information management is today one of the strongest competitive advantages for companies and organizations. And that's what Formpipes ECM products deliver. More and more governmental agencies, organizations, and businesses are understanding the value of efficient information management. Attitudes among buyers of ECM products are now more likely based on answering the question of 'how' these products can be used rather than 'why' they should be used.

Information flows generated in today's information society continue to grow enormously. This increases the need for greater overview, traceability, and for systems for preserving and reusing this information in every organization's operating processes. Effective information management has become increasingly important to ensure that information is used correctly, supports organizational objectives, and helps gain a competitive edge.

Big benefits with ECM products

The benefits of using ECM products are many and significant. Personnel work more effectively when they can always access the right information at the right time, and then quickly share that information with others. Searchability and immediate access to the right information to make fast, and reliable business decisions can bring immediate competitive advantage.

ECM products facilitate changing workflows quickly when external conditions change and eliminate time-consuming, and in some cases unnecessary tasks in organizations. These products can also guarantee that companies and organizations follow legal, regulatory, and governmental requirements like the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, EuroSox, FDA regulations (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), and requirements set by the Swedish National Food Administration.

Effective information management

Effective information management is one of the sharpest competitive edges in our time. And this is what ECM does. ECM gets people, processes, and information to collaborate. Whether in managing documents, e-mail, web information, archiving and many kinds of case management. ECM products and systems increase awareness throughout the organization — for current or stored information, where to find it, how to access it, and who owns access to it. Better control strengthens competitiveness, reduces cost, and makes information more accessible.