Case Management System is an information system that is designed to support the administration of cases for an organization. A case can represent all types of information, such as deviation cases, contract cases, help desk, suggestions for improvement and maintenance management.

Cases are often described in process models which specify the various tasks to be performed from the time the file is created until it is considered as pre-treated and may be closed.

Case Management from Formpipe

Case Management from Formpipe was developed in close collaboration with several companies and government agencies with the objective to support various regulatory requirements and improve their business information management. Our solution handles all cases that may be present in an organization as well as other types of electronic information, such as e-mail and pictures that will be integrated with the cases management. 

User friendly solution

Formpipe's case management solution is both an easily managed and user friendly solution that simplifies, structure and automate the administrative work that is related to the handling of cases. Features of work processes make files and documents automatically flowing to the right person at the right time in the organization.

The case management solution ensures that all critical process steps are handled in accordance with effective and defined work flows and procedures. All files are saved in a database and displayed in a web-based user interface.

Case management from Formpipe allows to coordinate, manage, and get an overview of all file processes within the organization.