The amount of information in an organization is constantly growing. Further, there are clear requirements for information management through laws and directives in both public and private sectors.

Document management is the main function in information process handling. A document management system must therefore be designed to manage an organization's all kinds of documents and e-mail in an easy and convenient way, through its entire lifecycle. This includes eg. version control and secure storage of documents. An effective document management system should furthermore have the support of advanced accessibility security features, procedures for approval and signing, and search tools.

Document management from Formpipe

Formpipe's solutions for document management is designed to streamline the management of a document through its life cycle by controlling the creation, storage, retrieval, management, signing and distribution of documents in an electronic format.

Formpipe's document management solutions integrates document management into the organization's processes. The solution includes features for version control, revision control, indexing, publishing, distribution and screening. Indexing of documents including metadata means that the solution has powerful search tools. Publication and distribution functions are used for access and dissemination of documents, while the security checkpoints control which users have access to the document.

Store documents in its context

Document management from Formpipe includes a full document management system but offers a unique advantage – a document is always stored in its context. This distinguishes Formpipe's solutions from other document management systems which are generally considered to be technical capabilities rather than operating systems.