Formpipe's solution for Input/Output Management ensures that the document goes in the right format from operational systems to business systems, from web to business systems and from business systems to the web.

Three major areas are addressed:

  • Converting from one data format to another, e.g. XML to PDF/A
  • Appearance/layout handling, basically the graphical part of a document
  • Distribution in the correct format to the right receiver

Handles a variety of formats

Formpipe's solution manages the in- and output from one business system to another. The usability for Input/Output Management is related to managing the organizations different types of business documents, whether it is an electronic format such as XML, XHTML, EDI, PDF/A or in paper format.

Business documents that can be managed include print templates, forms, letters, invoices, orders, reports, etc., both in an electronic format and in paper format.

With Formpipe's solution for Input/Output Management your organization will be compliant with all requirements of a document's appearance and data format, regardless of original format. This can e.g. concern  PDF/A for archiving data files etc. 

Dynamic product that can be used with any operating system

The solution is designed to be used as a service and is a dynamic product that not only manages information flows in and out of business systems, but can be used with any operating system regardless of what those systems do or what data they produce.

The benefits of the solution are many and our customers use our Input/Output Management solution for example:

  • Template Management
  • Form Handling
  • Print Management
  • Handling of output from E-forms/web forms
  • PDF rendering
  • Layout management of their business documents