An efficient process in an organization creates great advantages in the optimization of resources and work processes. Often it is desirable to formalize work processes by using different types of workflow.

We want to facilitate collaborations that involve many partners/managers, or ensure that a case is handled under an established process. Working with workflow leads to greater traceability, which in turn leads to a higher quality. This is the basis for accurate monitoring, which is a valuable tool in all business planning and development.

Formpipe's workflow solution

Formpipe's solution for workflow consists of a general and independent workflow engine in which users can define their own workflows and apply them to cases in their ECM-product. A workflow is defined as a number of work steps and allowed transitions between them. A designated user or a user who holds a particular role, is responsible to handle the matter/case in a given process and move the matter to the next step.

Formpipe's solution facilitates cross functional collaboration in which documents and data easily is illustrated with a personal "To-Do" list. There are no restrictions on the number of processes that can be processed or processes per case. The Reminder management related to time, sub-steps or step transitions simplifies the daily work.

Intuitive interface

Formpipe's solution for workflow stands out among comparable solutions with an intuitive interface and considerable flexibility in the workflow engine that controls the given workflow. Should an organization have to modify a process, or deviate from the normal process, this is very easily done by the administrator or user. The change is documented and logged directly into the product.