In the mission for State Agencies to apply set laws and regulations and carry out the activities of governmental decisions, there are strict requirements for authority and duties.

The agencies manage and develop the most important public services that ensure its continued prosperity. Whether it is defense, education or transportation-related issues there are high demands on process- and cost efficiency. The key for such effective management is to provide information to the right person at the right time. High efficiency in information management is creating conditions for a good organization that promotes the agency's activities.

Workflow automation increases efficiency

Formpipe for agencies enable secure and efficient processes for document and case management with automated workflows to simplify the administrative authorities' work. Formpipe has automated previously heavy administrative processes for more than 100 Swedish and Danish authorities, whom which, thanks to our products, are able to structure their information - all the way from creation and processing, to archiving and preservation of documents and information.

A stable platform with high flexibility

Formpipe provides a stable platform with high flexibility and embedded applications for Document- and Workflow management, process support, and Case Management, which makes Formpipe the natural choice for the Nordic and European authorities and agencies.

The combination of the best records- and case management and a powerful process engine enables agencies to streamline, consolidate, and restructure their business processes. This creates security and order in the agencies' critical workflows.

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