In order to provide the best health care systems, high demands are put on process and cost effectiveness.

The complexity of the County Council's work and operation are demanding high system support for information management (documents, diaries, file, registry, archive, process, review, approval, etc.).

A powerful and complete solution

Formpipe provides healthcare authorities and healthcare industries a powerful and complete solution for document and workflow management, deviation management and process optimization. Our solution supports the high standards required for order and clarity in documentation and operations, but also high standards of process control. With Formpipe's ECM-products costs can be cut while securing critical business processes.

The need of improving administrative processes has increased exponentially in recent years. Management consultants are working with the concept of "Lean Management" which means to strip all unnecessary (non-value-creating) operations.

Formpipe helps organizations to streamline their processes and the administrative management of information. Formpipe's products support the processes for quality assurance of the governing documents in health care, with electronic signatures and approval processes.

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