The efforts of municipalities to continuously improve productivity, increase the service level to citizens, and simultaneously minimize costs, place high demands on high quality IT-systems.

The goal is to create as much social benefit as possible with the resources allocated. This process involves documents, matters and requests that are expected to be processed with the shortest lead time possible. This places high demands on system support for efficient information dissemination. In addition, good traceability and security should be guaranteed in order to meet the established laws, regulations and development requirements.

Case- and document management for an
effective e-municipality

Formpipe's ECM-solution for municipalities is now being used by 150 Swedish and Danish municipalities and is based on those unique requirements present in the municipal sector. This makes our solution the most powerful and comprehensive system for document- and case management, and e-government, archiving and preservation.

Our ECM-solution for municipalities ensures the quality and efficiency of the administrative work related to all statutory documentation processes. In additon, it eases the aim to increase the social benefits through improved service and reduced costs. Efficient document- and case management with records streamlines repetitive tasks while the process for handling each incoming document is being rationalized.

Through formalized work processes with the so-called workflow, the traceability is improved which in turn leads to higher quality and better accessibility to local residents.

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