Ensures all your saved emails are correctly related

eDOCS DM has the capability to store e-mail properties such as receiver, sender, carbon copy and date. It also captures and stores information about mail threads/ID to ensure the same mail is not saved more than once and that its relationship to other e-mails is retained within the repository.

But what if you have an installation where strong email integration has not been in place for an appropriate length of time, where some clients are missing registry mapping, or where the cc fi eld mapping was not added from the beginning? This can lead to email being stored in the repository with incomplete data, loosing quality, structure and security in your DM library.

Other common scenarios where the quality of your DM library can be affected include the receiver fi eld in the profi le card being too short, or when a user has imported emails to DM Explorer or through drag-and-drop but DM does not recognise the email format. As a result, important email-specific metadata fields can be lost.

Keep your DM library in tip-top condition

Email Resolver reads and updates the profiles for saved emails, making sure all messages are saved with the correct metadata and ensures business critical information in emails can be searched, found and utilised in the best possible way. It also restores hidden information saved by the email integration so the user can be warned if an email is already saved. This is particularly helpful in cases where the strong integration was not turned on when the solution was initially implemented or where emails have been by drag-and-drop/import to DM explorer and gives complete trust in your e-mail searches.

Solution Highlights

  • Ensures all email profiles are correctly related and updated with the relevant information
  • A comprehensive log is recorded of all actions and produced for reporting purposes
  • The audit trail can be updated for compliance purposes
  • Reads and update the profile for already saved emails
  • Restores information that have been put aside by the e-mail integration


Intelligo Email Resolver


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