Increased compliance and organization of emails

Most organizations have realized by now that taking care of business content captured in emails is a very important part of the company's content management strategy and that a document management library is a useful repository for email storage.

OpenText Email Filing eDOCS Edition is a rich set of user friendly and time saving add-on modules developed for organizations that want to maximize the value of the business content captured in emails.

Seamless integration with OpenText eDOCS DM

All modules integrate seamlessly with OpenText eDOCS DM making sure users can easily and effectively store emails in the document library while increasing your organization’s return on investment (ROI) and compliance status.

All the modules are sold as a single suit. Most modules can run both server-side or on the users workstations.

OpenText Email Filing eDOCS Edition is sold and distributed worldwide through OpenText and their partner network.

The Email Filing Suite



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Email Marker

Email Marker

By making it easy to track which emails have already been saved, Email Marker ensures that nothing important gets overlooked. It automatically checks the content in the Microsoft Outlook folders and compares it with the content in the DM library. Email Marker marked itemsEmail Marker then flags saved or non-saved emails with selected colours, moves certain types of emails to selected Outlook folders, and/or automatically changes Outlook categories to selected values, such as Client/Matter, to indicate where the email has been saved. Email Marker can run server-side and/or on users workstations.

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Email Auto Bulk Filing

Email Auto Bulk Filing

OpenText Email Auto Bulk Filing monitors MS Outlook folders and stores emails in eDOCS DM with metadata that has been associated with the Outlook folder. All emails are stored with header fields and thread information as if they were filed with standard DM functionality. The backend process monitors the Outlook folders and copies any new emails to a folder on the server where the email filing service takes over, making sure all messages are stored into DM with metadata and email header fields. With Email Auto Bulk Filing it is also possible to stores multiple emails from a folder into eDOCS DM in a single operation. This makes saving emails from Outlook into DM very efficient and eliminates user wait time.

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Email Subject Filing

Email Subject Filing subject line

Subject filing looks for metadata tags (such as Client/Matter numbers or project numbers) in the subject line of in- and outgoing emails and files them automatically to eDOCS DM.

Email Subject Filing Outlook ribbonEmail Subject Filing tag buttonSubject Filing adds a button to Outlook ribbon to allow users to easily insert the metadata tag needed. Subject Filing uses the same backend as Auto Filing and can run completely server-side.


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Email Thread Filing

Thread filing identifies emails in the mailbox that are part of conversations with messages already saved into eDOCS DM and files them to the same matter, project or equivalent. Thread Filing uses the same backend as Auto Filing and can run completely server-side.

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Email Filing Assistant

Email Filing AssistantFiling Assistant extends the functionality of eDOCS DM email save feature by adding intelligence to the saving dialogue so that metadata such as project, matter, or document type that previously had to be manually entered can now be automatically generated. By automatically using metadata from previously saved emails, Email Filing Assistant allows your organization to reduce both time and effort spent on message and attachment profiling, while simultaneously facilitating consistent profiling into the DM library.





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Email Quick Filing

Email Filing Quick FileQuick Filing uses the same intelligence as Email Filing Assistant but does not rely on the standard eDOCS DM filing feature. Instead it offers the users the possibility to manually file messages with two clicks. As it also uses the same backend process as Auto Filing, users will not need to wait for the email to being saved.

Email Filing Quick File window

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