Specialist provider of electronic quality management systems (EQMS), Formpipe Life Science, has been selected by the Drug Information Association’s Pocket EDMS initiative, to enable small biotech and pharma businesses to more cost-effectively and compliantly specify and select EQMS software.

Pocket EDMS provides a reference EDMS implementation protocol for small pharma and biotech businesses, and has been developed by experts in the Life Science sector. With the aim of encouraging operational best practice and making the selection of an EQMS more accessible for Life Science businesses with limited resource and budgets, the protocol will make it easier for smaller businesses to evaluate EQMS vendors. It will also negate the need for them to hire external consultants or develop a Request for Proposal document.

Lending its decades of experience in helping life science businesses get and stay compliant, Formpipe Life Science will now be supporting smaller players in the market by providing insight into the user requirements, defined by the Pocket EDMS group. With this vendor-based knowledge, small businesses will be able to benefit from the same EQMS functionality as enterprise organizations but at a fraction of the cost.

Commenting on the company’s involvement, Formpipe Life Science’s VP of business development, Steve Griffiths, said: “Many small biotechs and pharmas do not have the time, nor the expertise, to develop the appropriate requirements, or the budgets to hire consultants to do it for them. The Pocket EDMS initiative opens the doors to these types of businesses and will allow them to experience the benefits that EQMS software provides to larger organizations, while optimizing their limited and precious time and costs.

“With pressure mounting on the entire industry to adapt outdated practices and systems in favor of more compliant and innovative alternatives, such as the definitive ban of paper submission dossiers, the Pocket EDMS represents a real opportunity for life science organizations to digitalize their process and compliance management. We’re of course hugely honored to have been recognized by the industry body as a participating vendor.”

In addition to providing EQMS solutions to enterprise organizations via its Platina LS product, Formpipe Life Science also offers a solution, called X-docs, dedicated to meeting the needs of smaller biotech and pharma businesses. User-friendly and packed full of robust out-of-the-box features for managing quality documentation and processes, including SOPs, deviations, CAPA, change control and personnel training records, X-docs can be delivered very quickly and cost-effectively either on premise or in the cloud.

For more information, or to request a demo, please contact Steve Griffith at steve.griffith@formpipe.com in the US or Ben Saxton at ben.saxton@formpipe.com in Europe.