The Danish municipality Hillerød and Formpipe have signed a contract regarding the ECM product Acadre, as a cloud solution. The total order value amounts to SEK 4.4 million, the revenues will be allocated throughout the four-year contract period.

“We see this as a first indication of a turning point for municipalities in Denmark, going from a trend of custom made solutions, with rising consulting costs as a consequence, to more cost effective offers with standard products developed by professional software companies”, says Christian Sundin, President and CEO of Formpipe.

Following a SKI 02.19 evaluation, Hillerød Municipality has entered into an agreement with Formpipe the ECM product Acadre. The agreement is based on SKI – Danish State and Municipality purchase agreement.

Formpipe and Acadre have been chosen due to the best combination of price, a stable and function-rich core product, and support of Hillerød Municipality’s focus on automation of citizen dialogue and improvement of the internal processes, including focus on solutions for the mobile users such as smartphones, tablets and iPads. Hillerød Municipality also focus on the common municipality strategy, which Acadre lives up to.
For additional information, contact:
Christian Sundin, President and CEO of Formpipe, +46 705 67 73 85