Formpipe is looking to push the industry forward as it sets its sights on helping preserve past and current data for future generations. Following its participation in World Digital Preservation Day, with the support of the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC), the specialist provider of enterprise content management solutions is continuing to focus its work on digital preservation with organisations across the globe.

Attending the celebrations at the Digital Preservation Awards in Amsterdam, discussions centred around the importance of preparing both systems and personnel with the ability to successfully preserve data for the future. Whilst the data itself tends to sit at the centre of preservation discussions, many experts believe there needs to more focus on the people who will be retrieving the data for generations to come. In particular, conversations brought to light that only a small number of students are seeking out work in archiving, and presents the opportunity to understand how best to recruit, train and retain this talent.


Digital Preservation Awards 2018


Participants also debated relevant topics that will likely play a prominent role in future digital preservation activities, such as the influences of artificial intelligence and content search. As artificial intelligence grows in prominence, it presents the opportunity to discuss how archivists might deal with AI generated data, whilst also understanding how content search may begin to take precedence over metadata.

Looking back on the event, Ben Saxton, head of Europe sales at Formpipe commented:

It was a privilege to be able to attend the Digital Preservation Awards and celebrate World Digital Preservation Day amongst like-minded peers who share our passion on this topic. Working with the DPC presents us with a great opportunity elevate our knowledge on best practices around digital preservation, and the event allowed for us to gain some excellent insights from experts in the industry. We are looking forward to continuing to work closely with the DPC, as well as the new relationships we formed, to help enable success for future generations".

The Digital Preservation Awards coincided with World Digital Preservation Day and celebrated some of the best data preservation work that has taken place in 2018. The event was attended by experts from academia, heritage and institutions, whilst also welcoming system retirement professionals to discuss and celebrate all aspects of digital preservation.


Digital Preservation Awards 2018