A leading provider of electronic quality management systems (EQMS) to the life sciences sector, Formpipe, is announcing the launch of version 8 of its enterprise EQMS platform, Platina LS. The official unveiling is to be announced today during a biannual user group session, hosted by the company, in Stockholm. Designed to promote enhanced usability and navigation, without compromising feature-rich functionality, V.8 will also be accessible via multiple web browsers, including Chrome and Safari IOS.

Described by Formpipe as a significant move forward, and breaking free from the confines of Internet Explorer, V.8 will facilitate more efficient working practices for customers, who will now be able to access vital quality related documents and complete compliance-based tasks using mobile devices. Aesthetically, V.8 will look very different from previous versions, with icons replacing text and the introduction of clearer, intuitive navigation - intelligently designed to improve usability, promote successful adoption and reduce training needs.

Developed based on extensive consultations with customers during previous user groups, held in both the UK and Sweden, a total of 215 requirements have been incorporated into V.8, which took an estimated 2,500 hours to develop and test. Maintaining the powerful functionality of the system, whilst embracing online best practice in relation to image-led communication, was essential to the product development team at Formpipe. Speaking ahead of the 2018 user group in Sweden, Ben Saxton, head of Europe sales at Formpipe, said:

“Operating in partnership with customers to develop products that provide tangible solutions to life science organisations has always been an underlying ethos at Formpipe. Sharing our product roadmap and engaging with customers and incorporating their feedback has enabled us to develop an already powerful EQMS application to the next level. We’ve been able to benefit from a strong team of developers both here in Sweden and back home in the UK, who have retained the extensive functionality that makes Platina LS so popular with life science businesses, whilst creating a far more attractive and intuitive interface.

“The fact that V.8 is accessible across multiple browsers is a game changer and something we’re really proud to be bringing to our customers and the wider market in general. It will facilitate the use of mobile devices on the shop floor, which will provide users with instant access to business-critical documents, from training records to standard operating procedures, when and where they need them.”

Platina LS V.8 will be available to all customers as part of existing maintenance contracts. European customers looking to benefit from the new functionality of Platina LS V.8 are requested to contact Ben Saxton, on +44 115 924 8475.