Keith Williams, managing director of Formpipe Life Science, has been appointed to the steering committee of the European Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) group, a technical subcommittee of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE).

The steering committee has a mandate to ensure the European group remains focused on the pressing issues impacting the sector; Williams is committed to extending the reach of the group to capture and encourage hitherto outlying segments of the wider pharmaceutical sector.

Williams brings over twenty five years’ computer systems experience in the Life Science sector, working across the manufacturing, laboratory and clinical environment extensively in both Europe and the US. Williams will use that knowledge and expertise in his new position and plans to broaden the appeal of GAMP to other sectors such as Cloud service providers, medical technology, application development and others.

Commenting on his new appointment, Williams said: “I’m looking forward to helping the GAMP group of ISPE embrace the massive pace of change in computer systems we have seen over the last two years so it can continue to be a force in the sector”, and went on to explain:

“GAMP, along with ISPE, is a core institution in the global pharmaceutical sector and represents a universal pledge to do things better. By accepting the position on the European GAMP steering committee, I am taking on the challenge to help guide the group into the future: the aim is still to make safe effective drugs that benefit patients, but I think there are also some enormous cost advantages that the industry and ultimately the patient can benefit from by the appropriate use of Cloud, Big Data and mobile applications.”

Other newly appointed members of the European Steering Committee include: Heather Watson, now Chair, Sam Brooks, Vice Chair and member of UK GAMP group and Thana Subramanian, the new head of UK GAMP group.

Formpipe (Life Science division) has been an active contributor to the Cloud SIG, Data Integrity SIG and others. The division works with a range of regulated organisations to help them simplify complex process and technology environments by delivering a combination of consultancy services and software products for Document management, Training management, Quality processes, and Long Term Archive. For more information, please visit: