Formpipe develops and sells products aimed at both the public and private sector. We have a broad product range, which enables us to solve critical challenges for our customers at many different levels.

The products aimed at the public market are Platina, W3D3, TAP, TAS and Acadre. Our customers will receive a solid standard product that can be configured and scaled to match individual needs and challenges, regardless of whether the project deals with digital workflows, sales and document management or grant administration.

The software behind the individual products allows us to focus on solving the major challenges of digitisation within Denmark's public sector, rather than focusing only on the technology behind each product. Acadre mainly supplies the Danish municipalities, while Platina is targeted towards government agencies and institutions in Denmark and Sweden.

For the private market we have developed Lasernet, which allows our customers to streamline, simplify and optimise business communication between companies and other stakeholders of the company.  Our customers are given the opportunity to design, convert and distribute business documents in any format, regardless of ERP system. They quickly become operational, while achieving significant bottom line savings, from day one.

We have 2,000 customers worldwide who use Lasernet every day in order to add value. The software is sold via a certified partner network.