Acadre is a standard Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that supports all kinds of municipal or corresponding authority's, case management and is characterised by a high degree of standard functionality.  Acadre is targeted at organisations which have many diverse needs for ECM and wish to base their solution on standard programmes, which can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, as well as a solution that is tried and tested and supplied with high quality.

Acadre has been sold to more than 60 public organisations with more than 70,000 users, including more than 40 municipalities, and is the most commonly used ECM solution for municipalities.

Acadre supports all aspects of case management for municipalities and similar authorities, either through their own processes or via integration. This applies to civil cases, child and youth cases, property cases and personnel cases, besides standard case management. The comprehensive solution handles the entire process, from the point of enquiry until the case is closed and can be archived. This includes all sub-processes from case creation, validation, and specific casework including correspondences, consultation processes, and policy processing, as well as submitting the decision.

Acadre is a user-friendly, role-based and process-supportive ECM system, with built-in case management and management reporting, which may be accessed via a web-client, smart-client, portal, or via office suites such as Microsoft Office. Acadre can also be accessed from mobile devices.

Acadre integrates seamlessly into Microsoft SharePoint via the partner forum, in the form of employee portals, external partners, politician web, and the displaying of matters pertinent to the general public on the site  Acadre is modular in design, where each individual module and third party communicates via service-oriented standard APIs. Acadre currently integrates more than 80 applications.

Acadre complies with applicable legislation and standards, such as FESD2 and OIO, and is constructed from a modern and open service-oriented architecture, based on the EA principles, which is the approved mode of data delivery to the Governmental Archives.

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