Save money by digitalizing your company's business documents

Companies and organisations in Denmark and abroad experience major challenges when it comes to digitalizing the stream of inbound and outbound business documents.

Keeping track of legislation about electronic formats, customers and stakeholders’ wishes and needs for document formats, as well as the possibilities and constraints that the organisation's choice of ERP system provides, are all major challenges for any organization. Lasernet helps companies and organisations to take control of these challenges, and to do even more than that.

Simplify, streamline and optimize

Using Lasernet, it is possible to simplify, streamline and optimize business communication between companies and stakeholders, regardless of their ERP system. Lasernet is a standard input and output software package that allows the customer to have a solution that fits the current needs of their business, thanks to the module-building software.

Get a solution that can deliver business documents in exactly the format and layout that your customers require, whether it is in printed or via electronic distribution, such as email, fax, PDF-A, XML, OIOUBL, etc. Design your own business documents and implement changes to the layout of all business documents within a very short period of time.

By effectively managing these processes, Lasernet helps 2,000 customers around the world to save money - every day of the year.

They save on resources for billing and general document management (postage, printing, paper, staff time), faster ERP upgrading, easier maintenance of the organization's visual identity, archiving and scanning, as well as effective management of existing legislation and standards, such as SOX, EuroSox and Basel II.

Lasernet is sold and supported via a certified network of partners in Denmark and abroad.

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