Below we have gathered the some of the most quoted reasons as to why our costomers use Lasernet and save money and resources every day.

If your company or organisation can say 'yes' to just one of the bullet points below, you could also benefit from a Lasernet solution.

  • Save money directly on the bottom line. Send most of your business documents
    automatically and electronically and benefit from saving on paper, toner, print and staff
  • Adapt to your customer’s requirements. Lasernet can deliver your business documents in precisely that format and layout your customers require.
  • Save costs of consultants that you normally would engage to develop and fix the reports in the financial system. With Lasernet it is easy to design and maintain your reports.
  • Save money when upgrading your financial system. Reports are updated in matter of hours instead of spending 1-5 days per report.
  • Free up resources in the IT department. Making design changes and designing new
    reports is straight forward using Lasernet. Without any programming skills you and your
    colleagues can maintain formats and content directly from e.g. MS Word.
  • Find your documents. Use Lasernet to archive your documents. It saves staff time and you no longer need to look for physical documents.
  • Save on hardware. With Lasernet you need fewer printers and your consumption of
    toners and paper is reduced dramatically.
  • Professional image supports the company's corporate identity in documents and reports. It reduces the need for preprinted forms, reduces errors and increases quality.
  • Get ready for tomorrow's requirements on documents. Lasernet is a future-proof
    solution prepared for coming format requirements and the means to deliver and archive
    business documents.
  • Compliancy with legislation is ensured with Lasernet. EuroSox, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II accounting regulations and local laws are supported.

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