Long-Term Archive is a system for preservation of digital information over time.

Key Benefits

  • Digital preservation
  • Access to data
  • A more productive business 
  • Compliance
  • Reduced costs for maintenance and storage
  • A compliant data store for big data analysis 
  • Security and access control


Why use a system for long-term digital preservation?

The world becomes more digital and the amount of information is exploding. The information comes from many different operational systems such as case management systems, web publishing or financial systems. In addition, information is stored in a variety of formats. Due to the technological

development both hardware and software quickly becomes obsolete and various formats are no longer compatible with new versions of software. As a result, there is a great risk of digital information being lost.

Different business processes - one system for preservation

There is a great need for standardised methods and system-independent solutions to ensure the preservation of electronic documents and to make all information within them easily accessible. As the amount of digital information constantly increases, we need to make use of fully or partly automated systems.

Regardless of business process or the specific requirements of the structure of documents to be preserved, Long-Term Archive can receive the exported information. File formats to be approved for preservation are easily chosen in the system. Typically, the documents should be preserved in supplier-independent formats that are widely used today, e.g. XML, PDF/A, PNG or TIFF. Long-Term Archive ensures that the documents are in the right format and saves them for long-term digital preservation. Metadata is stored as XML and can simply be saved according to the original structure. In this way, the original relationship between documents and the context in which they were created is preserved.

Follow rules, laws and business requirements

In addition to the risk that important information may be lost, there is also the risk of not living up to the legal requirements and rules for archiving in public and private sectors. For many companies within both the private and public sector there are strict regulations to store all documentation and information for extensive periods of time. This must be done in a correct manner in order to ensure readability and traceability for compliance with regulatory demands.

As important information is being moved from paper to digital form, the external directives and laws become more and more detailed. Laws and regulations that govern how information should be stored can be the principle of public (Freedom of the Press, Official Secrets Act, Administrative Procedures, etc.), accounting laws, National Archives' regulations, EuroSox and PSI.

Long-Term Archive is a system that helps to meet these laws and regulations. For this we must be able to:

  • Preserve the information for longer periods
  • Ensure that the information stored is not corrupted over time
  • Preserve and manage information about how the documents should be read and interpreted
  • Re-search and provide stored information
  • Track how documents are handled and how the information  has changed

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