With OnDemand by Formpipe there is no need for servers or platform-and system licenses for the operation and usage.

The system is completely web based with no client software (software on each computer) to install or maintain. The only ongoing cost is a subscription fee for the service. The subscription cost includes backup, upgrade to new versions and support.

The service provides the customer with a short takeoff and reliable access to the ECM industry's most proven products. As part of efforts to secure the operation of OnDemand has Formpipe selected TDC Hosting as a partner. With TDC Hosting the client is offered an experienced partner in hosting solutions. TDC Hosting has long experience of critical operational solutions and gives customers a flexible, secure and high-tech operation of their IT-solutions.

Examples of customers

Examples of customers using OnDemand by Formpipe are several municipalities in Sweden along with different universities.

To learn more about OnDemand

Please contact us at info.se@formpipe.com.