Platina is a modern web based ECM product for efficient and quality-assured management of information. Users of the product are coming from both private and public sector, including authorities, county councils, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies, where information traceability and structural documentation procedures are essential. Platina has been validated at customers in accordance with current GxP and ISO standards.

Platina comes with ready-to-use modules for e.g. documents-, case-, and records management, which in addition offers endless integration possibilities. The product is based on the latest technologies from Microsoft and contains a number of ECM-revolutionary innovations in combination with the most advantageous process engine. Platina supports all types of processes which easily can be expanded without compromising future upgrades thanks to user-friendly, graphical and intuitive tool.

Platina is a very flexible product, thanks to its scalability and customization possibilities. Platina includes built-in features that facilitate operationsspecific configuration rather than requiring added programming.

As flexibility and customization of the product enables long-term solutions, this product is a cost-effective choice for the organization. Companies that operate within strict regulatory requirements can by use of Platina improve quality which is of significance for the majority of our customers. The product has for its users facilitated quality and control with minimized risk exposure and reduced administrative costs.

Needs met by Platina include:

  • Efficient information management.
    The amount of digital information is steadily growing and businesses must be able to determine what is critical to operations. Organising and controlling that information, so the right person has the right information at the right time can be a competitive edge, and it will only become more important.
  • Traceability and regulatory requirements
    Documentation and information must be available for audit and review to meet regulatory requirements such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act, ISO standards, patient security laws, FDA CFR 21 Part 11, and the principle of access to public information. Well-structured, traceable electronic information and structured working processes are the foundation for correct and legal processing in all cases. Traceability strengthens the organization’s position in legal disputes by structuring and organising all documentation.
  • Archiving.
    When information is stored electronically, both an opportunity and a need for automated processes arise. Platina has a powerful tool to map and draw processes graphically, and to add functions for automating these processes and link the right users with relevant documents.
  • Collaborative and automated processes.
    When information is stored electronically, it opens for opportunities and needs to automate processes. With Platina follows a powerful tool for drawing these processes graphically and adding functionality to automate the processes along with adding appropriate users and relevant documents.


Using this process tool includes letting the user:

  • Create uniform processes that increase efficiency among employees.
  • Optimise the organization by enabling reports and analyses in real time.
  • Reduce risks by establishing standard procedures and policies for all processes.
  • Obtain full traceability in every step.
  • Gain quality assurance in all work processes.

Examples of customers

Customers who currently use Platina is: City of Stockholm, City of Malmö, Lidköpings municipality, Skellefteåkraft, Stockholm County Council, Örebro County Council, VINNOVA (Swedish Innovation Agency), The Swedish Tax Agency et al.

To learn more about Platina

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