Get and stay compliant while leveraging GDPR requirements into insights around your organizations data quality.

GDPRIt’s now critical for every organization to scan their stored information for personal data, to classify it and to continuously monitor it for compliance. With a continuous growth of unstructured data and increasing regulatory requirements we’re all put under pressure. Quality Control by Formpipe provides a tool to minimize risk with minimal effort.

Challenges with rapid growth of unstructured data

Due to massive growth of data, organizations struggle to fully comply with internal policies for data storage. The result is an ever growing amount of unstructured data stored in many different locations with insufficient or no access control and governance. Most frequently file shares are now filled with what could be considered to be hidden risky and sensitive data such as personal data (social security numbers, tax payer’s ID, email addresses, phone numbers, financial information etc.). The overlying risk has grown proportionally to the growth of unstructured data.

For too long have this issue been a low priority due to the lack of clear incentives. An increasing deprivation of insight in what data that exists within your organization not only put you at significant risk but prevents you from gaining valuable intelligence from it, optimizing storage and improving data quality by making sure policies are followed.


When GDPR is entering in to force the 25th of May 2018 organizations not complying with the requirements suffers a risk of being subject to a fine up to €20 million or 4% of total yearly worldwide turnover (whichever is higher). For you to be compliant you need to know what data you’re storing, how you process it and whether or not you have proper consent. So to summarize, the way many organizations historically have handled their data will now have to change.

Business needs

It’s like medicine, you cannot cure a disease without the correct diagnosis. If you do not know what data you’ve stored, how you’ve stored it and where you’ve stored it, how will you be able to take actions towards compliance?

Far from all data is sensitive and is ruled under regulatory requirements but when left unstructured, all data is considered a risk. It’s like finding the needle in a haystack. So in late May next year when a person requests a report on all data that your organization have stored on him or her and exercises the right to be forgotten. How will you respond?

Quality Control by Formpipe

Quality Control by Formpipe is a file analysis tool that scans and monitor all data within the organization based on a set of highly flexible and configurable rules. Wherever the data is stored Quality Control can analyze, index, search, track and report on file metadata and file content. An authorized user can then take action on files in line with policies and regulatory requirements.

Integrated with your file shares, email databases, enterprise file synchronization and sharing platform, ERP, CRM and ECM platforms etc. you’re given a central administrative interface from which you can monitor your whole organization’s data and provide quantitative reports on risk and quality. Quality Control offers you the possibility that through a ready integration with Microsoft Power BI get a cutting edge data visualization tool for in-depth insight and business intelligence.

It’s a scalable and an intuitive tool. Deployed within a week it provides short time-to-value. It’s simple. The use case is concrete and the tool is straight forward. Minimize risk with minimal effort.

The differentiator

By scanning and indexing data you’ll get a complete report over the sensitive data within your organization. But this is not the whole solution, only the enabler. Once found, you’ll need to move all the risky data to a secure platform from which you can structure and manage it according to retention policies. Something that is missing from many vendors’ offers.

By always working with the information’s whole life cycle Formpipe knows that you cannot solve this challenge if you do not have an answer to where the data is going to end up. Through a seamless connection between Quality Control and Formpipe’s market leading archive for digital preservation: Long-Term Archive we enable structure, control, retention and searchability. All in line with leading analysts’ recommendation. Quality Control by Formpipe therefore provides your business with the best-of-breed solution for GPDR compliance.

Why Formpipe

Formpipe has a history of working with regulatory requirements and efficiency since the 80’s and in the highly regulated environment that is the Swedish and Danish public sector, the Life Science industry etc. we have thrived. In the reality of digitization, decreasing budgets and increasing requirements on service, mobility and compliance we’ve developed a product portfolio that helps our existing customers face the challenges of today but also those of tomorrow.