Long-Term Archive

“Given the massive volume increase of electronic records, storing digital content for decades so you can find it, read it, and maintain compliance, is both costly and complex. LTA can future-proof this for you.”

Key Benefits

Record and Data Retention

A preservation platform that allows for the archiving & retrieval of digital information whilst retaining the original integrity of the content.


Find it Fast

Industry leading Elastic search results in easy search and retrieval of single or batch records from a huge number of starting digital formats.


Long Term Compliance

Record retention with permission access, confidentiality, data spoliation and data management rules all with full audit trail.


Long-Term Archive

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Five Simple Steps to Preserving Your Assets


Long Term Archive brochure


"We didn't find any other archiving systemon the market that offered us a real alternative. Either these were not sufficiently standardized for our operations or they were not designed to meet the requirements."


Lars Näslund, IT Manager, CIO, at Vinnova

Sweden Office

Erik Lindeberg, 

VP Sales & Marketing

Telephone: +46 70 710 36 52


UK Office (HQ)

Mark Stevens, 

MD Life Science

Telephone: +44 115 924 8475


US Office

Anders Terp, 

MD North America

Telephone: +1 571 220 7645


Indian Office

Erik Warn, 

MD Sigma India

Telephone: +91 733 848 5007


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