“By taking a new approach to how you archive, maintain and manage your data you can deliver organisational cost saving and achieve GDPR compliance. Learn more about how Long Term Archive can help you now and in the future.”

Key Benefits

  • Achieve GDPR compliance - Long Term Archive is GDPR compliant, future proof and delivers long term digital preservation of your data.

  •  Reduce operational costs - with LTA you can retire archaic and outdated systems that you currently maintain whilst improving organisational performance.

  •  Find it Fast - industry leading Elastic search results in the easy search and retrieval of single or batch records from a huge number of starting digital formats.

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What is Long Term Archive?

LTA is a preservation platform that allows for the archiving and retrieval of digital information over time, whilst retaining the original integrity of the content. It allows for easy search and retrieval of records from a huge number of starting digital formats. The system is designed in such a way that it allows compliant record retention, permission access, confidentiality, data spoliation and destruction with full audit trail guaranteed for up to 50 years.

It is a proven technology used by many organisations to enable efficiencies for archiving and ultimately cost savings.


Solving GDPR compliance and delivering cost savings?

The upcoming GDPR legislation presents many challenges to Life Science organisations and the need to address compliance means that existing systems need to be assessed and processes put in place to be compliant.

This is even more complex when it comes to old systems that are still required to store data that needs to be accessed. Resolving these issues mean that increased operational costs and inefficiencies are encountered. A problem that is going to grow as changes within the future technology landscape presents increasing challenges to organisations.


“By 2020, 50% of all current applications in the data centre will be retired but certain data needs to be preserved”


What can Long Term Archive do for you?

LTA delivers a multitude of benefits to organisations both for the current GDPR needs and for long term organisational efficiencies. Here are just some of the benefits that you would gain from it’s use:

Reduce operational costs…

Legacy systems and archaic solutions that are currently being maintained simply to allow access to data attract licence and management fees. These costs will increase as more and more systems are retired. With LTA you can archive the data held within these systems ensuring that the data is preserved, secure and easily managed.


Enhance your current system performance…

Your existing day to day systems can also benefit from LTA because it can help you remove non-critical data from your operations and store it accordingly addressing all of your preservation needs.


Gain insights from your data…

When it comes to using LTA you’ll find a feature rich environment that will enable you to look at all of your data in one place. Powerful search and retrieval features enable faster and more efficient processes reducing costs within the organisation.


Addressing GDPR requirements…

LTA is already GDPR compliant and as such you can place all of your data in one place whilst ensuring that it is held within a compliant container.



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