The summit will be held at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Centre between the 3rd and 8th of April in Grapevine, TX.


The SQA Annual Meeting and Quality College is designed to share best practice and the latest trends in innovation across the quality and compliance community. Upon the request from SQA, Jonathan Burd, product director at Formpipe Life Science division, will deliver a compelling half hour presentation to delegates on the topic of scientific archiving. As part of this presentation, which is titled ‘Keeping your body of work in living stasis’, Jonathan will explore the need to future-proof business critical documentation – advocating active preservation over mere safe keeping; the security and accessibility challenges surrounding both off-site but internally managed systems, and fully out-sourced solutions. Jonathan will also discuss the role of EQMS, in addition to the latest facts and figures surrounding archiving trends across multiple regulated industries.


Commenting on being chosen to deliver a presentation at SQA’s 32nd Annual Meeting, Jonathan said: “The need to retain information as accessible, searchable and useable goes far beyond the need to satisfy legal requirements of data longevity. There’s also arguably more onus than ever before regarding the visibility over who’s accessed what and when: something that a paper-based, manually administrated system can struggle to provide.

“As many compliance conscious organizations migrate from a paper-based archiving system to an electronic alternative, many misconceptions surrounding the journey start appearing. We’re very proud to have been selected to address the issue of scientific archiving, and the myths that surround it, with delegates during the summit.  I’m especially looking forward to using my experience to offer guidance on how to minimize the cost implications of keeping an ever-growing population of content electronically preserved.” 


Demonstrating the firm’s credibility in the quality sector, SQA has also invited Formpipe to provide four poster presentations for the annual gathering. These presentations include: a theoretical exploration of quality’s risks and rewards; the role of quality management in safeguarding business growth, which will feature a case study from CoreRx Inc. the quality and business benefits of greater data auditing and accuracy; and the emergence of cloud environments and what it means for quality and compliance supported by Bytegrid


The oral presentation will take place on Wednesday 6th April at 11am, during session U. A question and answer session will be available immediately after the presentation. The four attended poster presentations will take place on the Tuesday (5th) and representatives of Formpipe Life Science division will be available to answer any questions and provide expert advice during the meeting at Booth 205. For more information, please visit or