Specialist provider of electronic quality management systems (EQMS), Formpipe Life Science, has announced the release of its new X-train V3 module. The upgrade enables Formpipe Life Science to unlock quicker and easier deployment, and pre-configuration of life science ready products, helping to save time and improve operational efficiency.

The X-train module, part of the company’s X-docs EQMS, is designed to assist businesses with compliant training management. Encouraging best practice, X-train’s features help organisations operating in the life science and pharmaceutical sectors to better manage related processes, such as configurable competence evaluation, certifications and training records.

Part of the team responsible for designing and developing X-train V3, Stephen Long, product manager at Formpipe Life Science, comments on the success of the upgrade: “I’m really pleased with what the team has achieved by incorporating new features and increased flexibility into X-train. We challenged them to incorporate both product improvements and new requirements, whilst also improving the overall performance of the product and they have overachieved on both.”

Ben Saxton, head of sales at Formpipe Life Science, adds: “The release of X-train V3 represents a substantial step forward for our X-docs product. It signifies the full upgrade of X-docs, with all X-docs modules, including docs, forms, reports, equipment and X-train now operating on V3. This in turn gives Formpipe Life Science easy deployment of a pre-configured and life-science-ready EQMS product that offers customers immediate benefits relating to clearer visibility over complex processes and procedures, increased operational efficiencies, reduced cost, and perhaps most importantly, more robust compliance adherence. It also shows, yet again, our commitment to combining ongoing product development, whilst maintaining client regulatory compliance.”

The X-docs solution is dedicated to meeting the needs of smaller biotech and pharma businesses. The software it user-friendly and packed full of out-of-the-box features for managing quality related documentation and processes, including SOPs, deviations, CAPA, change controls and personnel training records.

X-docs can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively either on premise or in the cloud. For more information, or to request a demo, please contact Ben Saxton at ben.saxton@formpipe.com.