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27 June 2022 News Report General News GDPR Compliance Information Security Privacy & Personal Data

Formpipe launches environmental and social sustainability initiatives in new CSR Report

In 2022, the morals and ethics shown by an organisation are paramount to ensuring a positive brand reputation. In fact, 91% of the global population want to see businesses do more than just make a profit, and 90% of consumers are more likely to trust and be loyal to socially responsible businesses.

Here at Formpipe, we take our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously, with initiatives in place to support diversity and inclusion, minimise environmental impact, improve the wellbeing of employees, and give back to wider society. This work aims to improve the lives of our people, our partners and our customers. We’re proud that in February 2022, Formpipe’s Customer Net Promoter Score (cNPS) was 62 – this is within the 100th percentile alongside major players such as Microsoft, Adobe and Apple.

Now, we’ve released a CSR report to showcase the work being done to maintain accountability across sustainability and social responsibility, as well as detailing why this is important in today’s society. Formpipe’s CEO, Christian Sundin, said: “We believe that being sustainable and socially responsible is a must have to be relevant now and in the future.”

So, what can you expect to find in the report?

Environmental Impact

As people across the globe become increasingly aware of the realities of climate change, it’s more important than ever for corporations to play their part in ensuring a greener future. A recent study by the New Climate Institute found that many of the world’s biggest companies are failing to meet their targets in cutting their environmental impact. More needs to be done.

With our Scandinavian roots, Formpipe is passionate about safeguarding the environment, becoming more eco-friendly and building a healthier planet for future generations. The CSR report details the policies and practices that Formpipe has in place to ensure environmental  sustainability.

These range from responsible procurement, to limiting e-waste, recycling IT materials, and reducing electricity demand.

Formpipe’s Commercial Director, Mike Rogers says:

“Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing our planet right now. We don’t just say we’ll act. We do act. As a tech company, we do everything we can to make a difference. From choosing responsible suppliers, to purchasing energy-efficient products, regularly servicing IT equipment to limit waste, and operating a ‘Work from Anywhere’ policy to reduce travel-based emissions.”

Social Sustainability

Put simply, social sustainability relates to a businesses impact on people. This includes employees, stakeholders and wider society.

By fostering a healthy workplace culture, Formpipe believes in building organic relationships with customers, partners, employees and shareholders to everyone’s benefit. As such, we’ve implemented initiatives to support customer satisfaction, employee wellbeing, diversity & inclusion, and to help broader society.

Employee Wellbeing

As with our approach to customer satisfaction, we are equally as passionate about ensuring the happiness of our employees. That’s why we’re implementing a new tool to measure employee sentiment, the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). As part of this, we’ve set a target that our employee index should always be 10% higher than similar companies.

So, how will we achieve this? The CSR report details how we’re focused on ensuring employee wellbeing by: cultivating a strong employee-driven engagement culture, operating a flexible ‘Work from Anywhere’ policy, putting a deep emphasis on work-life balance, and offering a plethora of wellness benefits ewhich support employees’ mental and physical health.

Christian Sundin, Formpipe CEO said:

“Our culture and our new ways of working are centred around supporting each individual at Formpipe. We believe that only by working together and looking after each other, can we drive our company forward, and so it is vital that everyone is given the opportunity to be able to contribute in a way that supports this vision.”

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Did you know that females make up just 17% of the UK IT workforce, and only 2.6% of people on UK tech boards are ethnic minorities?

The CSR report describes how we aim to encourage diversity across the business as our global expansions continue; as well as why we feel the tech industry should do more to reflect the society it serves. Our annual report is also mentioned & linked, in which performance on gender and age discrimination with the workforce are published.

The goal is to ensure all of our employees are treated and compensated fairly, no matter their gender identity, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or age.

When it comes to Formpipe employees, CEO Christian says:

“If you want to be included, you will be included. If you have an idea, you will be listened to.”

Wider Community

We believe it’s vital for corporations to not only serve their own, but also to contribute to the wider public. An unhealthy society equates to an unhealthy and unsustainable eco-system which isn’t good for any business. More than that, it’s just the right thing to do.

Formpipe is committed to leading by example and feel an obligation to serve the broader population, demonstrating a holistic stance on our dedication to corporate responsibility. Our initiatives in place (detailed in the report) include educating communities on digital literacy, donating to charities which drive social change, and supporting/aiding countries experiencing conflict.

Mike Rogers says:

“We feel an obligation to not only support our employees and our stakeholders, but also to serve the wider community. We’re passionate about solving problems like lagging digital literacy, helping those in less developed countries access IT equipment and education, and donating to a number of individual charitable organisations.”

Business Ethics, Cyber Security and Compliance

The CSR Report reveals that Formpipe’s corporate responsibility goes beyond environmental and social sustainability. Business Ethics is also a key consideration. This includes cyber security and privacy.In 2020, Formpipe were awarded an ISO 27001 certificate by the International Standards Organisation for data security. CEO Christian Sundin said:

“With ISO 27001 we have proof from external experts that our information security work is responsible and systematically correct and it gives us advantages in procurement of our products. However, the most important thing is how this can support our work on improvements and ultimately our ability to provide really great benefit to our customers over time.”

In addition to cyber security, the report also describes Formpipe’s commitment to compliance, human rights and corruption.

Christian says:

“Our values act as a daily compass, helping us balance the priorities of our stakeholders and make decisions in everyone’s interest.”

To see Formpipe’s full CSR report with all facts, figures and initiatives - you can download it here.