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Adoxa brings data and people closer together in Aabenraa Municipality

After Adoxa has been implemented, Aabenraa Municipality will have completely control over their data. The employees are proactive and there is not far from thought to action when data rules are broken. Soon the municipality will be ready to use the system automatically.

Data security is important but seems overwhelming to keep track of at a busy day. But that is not how life should be. And that they know in Aabenraa Municipality, where they have implemented the Formpipe system, Adoxa, with great success.

The implementation has given the municipality a crucial and so far impossible insight into its data, and then Adoxa can be used across systems.

"What we was excited about with Formpipe's solution was that the system could be used on several data sources and not just in our ESDH system. So far, we have been presented with solutions that were developed to handle the data quality in individual systems and not across systems and administrations", says Charlotte Bay Greisen, IT digitization manager in Aabenraa Municipality.


Thorough cleaning was necessary

Adoxa has been given the employees in Aabenraa Municipality the opportunity to correct errors and delete unprotected data, when Adoxa finds anything irregularly. Afterwards the employees will be guided in handling data correction.

“The individual responsibility fits well with our municipality” says Charlotte Bay Greisen.

It was a strategic choice from the municipality because the solution fits well in our management model with central management and decentralized management. The responsibility is placed where data is processed and created.

With Adoxa, the municipality gained full transparency over its data and afterward it has been concluded that a clean-up was necessary.

“The overview made a big impression on us, which also helped us to focus on a targeted clean-up”, explains Thomas Veltz Majholt, information security coordinator in Aabenraa Municipality.

In Aabenraa, they have been looking for the full overview and the clear solution for a long time. The municipality had tried with a small scanning program to search for CPR numbers - without success.

“It has been impossible to get an overview before, and there has been a lack of solutions that have made it possible and clear for employees to get to the bottom”, explains Charlotte Bay Greisen.


It was all served on a silver platter

The full transparency and intuitive system made it easy for every employee to act on the mistakes that may be in relation to having control over data security. In fact, the staff was so engaged that the system went down for the first few days.

"When the clean-up could go so fast, it is due to both the will of the employees and an easy and intuitive solution, says Anette Lone Jepsen, who is an IT employee in the municipality and elaborates:

Almost every user could manage Adoxa, and it suddenly became easy for them to clean up because they just had to press "delete". Everything was actually served on a silver platter."

Has received attention at all levels

Adoxa has been received with kisses by the employees of Aabenraa Municipality. That's what Eva Minke Andersen says.

"It is one of the projects in the organization that has been received most positively and has been received most attention at all levels."

She also says that Adoxa has made it possible for managers to see how far in the data cleanup the municipality has come.

"We actually have documentation for the individual employee's data quality and can measure it. It provides a completely different starting point for improving and maintaining quality."

Now Aabenraa Municipality is close to being in line with the critical areas, and soon the automatic scanning will take over, so the high quality remains intact. In the municipality, they are convinced that they can maintain a high level of security in the future.

"In the wake of the project, a new data culture and understanding has been created to continuously clean up and ensure that data is stored for proofreading", says Charlotte Bay Greisen.