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Autoform DM & Lasernet help Mozambique's newest financial institution, Banco Único, rise to the top

As one of the newest entrants to the banking sector in Mozambique, Banco Único faced an uphill struggle to capture some of the market share in an already crowded industry. But thanks to its vision, forward-thinking and choice of software, in less than two years Banco Único has risen through the ranks to one of the top 6 banks in the country, with its sights firmly set on the number one spot.

With a highly skilled and experienced team, Banco Único brings with it an innovative new approach to banking in Mozambique. Forging close relationships with its customers, Banco Único prides itself in helping to create and build solutions for them, rather than just selling products, like traditional banks.


Up & running within a week

The decision to use Autoform DM and Lasernet for their new business was a simple one for Banco Único. Their IT director, Carino Modan, had previously used Autoform DM and Lasernet whilst managing the IT systems for another bank, where it had been the products of choice for handling T24 output. So when he set up the systems and infrastructure for Banco Único, Carino had no hesitation in selecting Autoform DM and Lasernet to get the job done.

He knew that the installation and integration with T24 would be quick and easy; a crucial factor in getting Banco Único up and running as quickly as possible in such a dynamic marketplace. Inside of a week, Autoform DM and Lasernet had been installed and all the staff had been trained on how to use the software. Within a short space of time, Banco Único had created all the forms they needed and were ready to start trading.


Several uses for the software

The seamless integration of both Temenos and Formpipe solutions meant that Banco Único were able to hit the ground running on their first day, quickly and easily producing stunning banking documentation from within T24 as well as automatically archiving all of their output for secure storage and rapid retrieval.

Codepage conversion to UTF-8 handles all of the accented characters in Portuguese, so they get perfect output every time, whether it is printed or emailed.

Using Lasernet's ability to retrieve and process data from external databases, Banco Único are also able to dynamically change their overlays for any given output, based on which branch it is sent from. Once the document is automatically generated, using the correct address and contact details, it is sent back to the appropriate branch printer for distribution. Not one to rest on its laurels, Banco Único, began looking for more ways to streamline its business processes. Knowing how flexible Lasernet was at handling different types of data, Carino quickly configured Lasernet to scan cheques into the Autoform DM Archive, so that they could be previewed and authorised directly from T24, speeding up the authorisation process whilst maintaining a full audit trail.

Formpipe helps Banco Único focus on its core business

Alongside cheque scanning, Carino also used Lasernet's scanning feature to extract customer signatures from official documents. These signatures were then stored in Autoform DM and linked to each customer profile. He then added a button to the TELLER screen in T24, so that bank staff could instantly view a customer's signature to verify their identity regardless of which branch they visited.

"The efficiencies and flexibility brought by Lasernet always worked as one of the key elements to continuously improve our customer services" Carino notes.

Thanks to Carino's vision and Autoform and Lasernet's flexibility, he is continuing to find more and more uses for the software inside the bank.

“Lasernet allowed us to create professional documents for our customers with little effort, enabling the Bank to focus on our core business. For both our internal staff and our end users, the efficiencies brought by Lasernet have accelerated our approval process and in turn, improved our customer services.” Carino concludes.


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