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Comline Auto Parts

Comline Auto Parts chooses Formpipe and Lasernet for document management needs following the rollout of their Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution.

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Comline Auto Parts Ltd. Revolutionises Document Management with Lasernet

One of the fastest-growing automotive brands in Europe, Comline Auto Parts, is a leading supplier of aftermarket replacement parts.

Following the recent roll-out of their new ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365, by one of our key partners, DXC Technology, made the decision to partner with Formpipe for their document management needs.

Using Formpipe’s Lasernet Output Management solution will revolutionise the way that their business requirements are created to fulfil varying customer requirements.

No Time Was Wasted

The initial stage of this project was completed within two months, from installation and configuration to training and development.

The transition has empowered Comline to digitalise their outbound communications with customers, helping to import data with ease and precision.

Formpipe worked collaboratively with Comline to initially develop their XML invoices, providing their IT department with the training and resources to become self-sufficient in form development.

Lasernet Output Management is capable of creating, distributing and archiving business documents in any format (e-mail, fax, PDF, PDF/A, EDI, XML) as required by each individual customer, in an intelligent and structured manner. This advanced functionality has resulted in Comline extending the use of Lasernet across the rest of their business.

Standard Functionality Challenges

The way business documents are communicated is of vital importance. A business document can create and enhance corporate identities; however, the right solution is required to be able to meet the challenges of changing formats, media and ERP systems.

Following DXC’s upgrade of Comline’s ERP system from Sage to Microsoft Dynamics 365, there were limitations in producing a fully serviceable sales invoice that could meet their brand requirements.

This meant that Comline had to customise output documents in Dynamics 365, which was not only time-consuming due to its complex nature, but was increasingly costly and often required a developer from DXC to carry out this work. This proved to be labour-intensive and incurred a significant financial cost to the company.

Additionally, Comline needed to issue invoices in an XML format to specific external stakeholders and Dynamics 365 was unable to do this without another significant customisation. It was also felt that the professionalism and brand perception of the business was at risk of being weakened due to the inability to create customer-facing documents that were consistent, correctly aligned and formatted.

Increasing costs through the need for an external developer to customise all invoices was the biggest catalyst for Comline's decision to transition to Lasernet. The company wanted a solution that allowed greater flexibility in being able to produce more creative designs and empower internal users to independently modify business documents.

Putting the Customer First

As a market-leading Input and Output Management solution, Lasernet has been designed to fit the customers’ needs.

A tailored bespoke solution was created which worked around Comline and the requirements of their customers based on module-based software.

The transition to Lasernet has provided Comline with a cost-effective solution to best represent their corporate identity within customer-facing documents such as invoices, purchase orders and remittance advice slips.

Through using Lasernet, the process of setting up specific formats for invoices is now simplified and enables Comline to bring this development in-house, allowing documents to be designed and edited.

Initially, Comline chose Lasernet purely to produce invoices, however, due to its successful implementation, the use of Lasernet will be further rolled out to other departments within the company.

The Benefits of Transitioning to Lasernet

Lasernet offers the strongest functionality when it comes to designing business documents. 

Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface means design changes can be implemented within just a few minutes. Business documents can be sent to Comline’s external stakeholders using a design that aligns with their brand identity and offers a better format than the default invoice which is available through Dynamics 365.

Huge benefits with Lasernet implementation

This implementation has also provided Comline with further long-term benefits.

Shalin Kamdar, Director, Comline Auto Parts Limited, comments on the transition to Lasernet and how this has reaped huge benefits for the business:

“I can’t recommend Lasernet enough. After a bit of training, it’s highly intuitive to use, easy to implement and has had huge results for our 

Shalin Kamdarbusiness. Lasernet is a very adaptable product with great support from the team at Formpipe. We can now design and implement changes to our business document formats quicker than we have done previously.

It is also more cost-effective for us to use Lasernet. Over time, this will lead to a significant saving in time and money for the business; prior to implementing Lasernet each invoice customisation would have cost us around £10,000 per country.”