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Headquarters, Stockholm

Formpipe Software AB
Sveavägen 168, Stockholm
Box 231 31, 104 35 Stockholm
SE – Sverige
Tel: +46 8 555 290 60


Gasverksgränd 2, 582 22 Linköping
Tel: +46 8 500 072 25


Metallverksgatan 6, 721 30 Västerås


Engelbrektsgatan 6, 702 12 Örebro


Lautrupvang 1
2750 Ballerup
Tel: +45 3325 6555

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Formpipe Lasernet GmbH
Am Flughafen
60549 Frankfurt am Main


UK, Cambridge

First Floor, Block A, Harston Mill,
Cambridge – CB22 7GG
Tel: +44 1223 872747


UK, Nottingham

Unit 1, Isaac Newton Centre 
Nottingham Science Park
Nottingham – NG7 2RH
Tel: +44 115 924 8475



Formpipe, inc.
1200 US Highway 22 E Suite 2000
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Tel : +1 908 200 7937

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Ready to realize the full potential of your data?

Imagine a world where your data is of such high quality that you can blindly and automatically share it across systems, to customers, citizens and other organizations. 


Data is the most important currency of the future

Data is the new asset in the digital society but only if you can find out how to handle it properly. Without proper management and control, data will be a problem - not least because of increasing data volumes, complexity of IT infrastructure and increased compliance requirements. 

With management and control, business-ready data provides unprecedented opportunities - to use digital knowledge to create value for employees, customers, citizens and the community. 

The potential is greater than you think

Data volumes are increasing by the hour and so is the complexity of sharing that data inside and outside of public and private organizations. The digital footprints in the organization's many IT systems contain wild perspectives and fantastic profit opportunities. Opportunities that were quite unimaginable and unattainable just a few years ago. 

But there's just a fly in the soup. There’s a challenge that can stand in the way of all the new possibilities and requirements; the data quality in the vast majority of organizations and major IT solutions is simply not good enough. If this is the case, everything falls to the ground without reaping the benefits of the far-reaching possibilities of our data. The challenge appears trivial but grinds the wheels of development to a halt. The problem can be compared to picking up goods in a DIY store... 

Gartner highlights Adoxa again

In Gartner's market data and file analysis software 2020, Adoxa is highlighted as one of the world's leading data and file analysis tools. This is the second time in a row that Formpipe is being highlighted as a central supplier of this essential type of tool. 


Imagine you’re in the store

You are looking for some wall paint and are therefore looking for the paint products department in your local DIY store. The shelf with wall paint is empty. By accident, you find that the paint is placed on the shelf for screws. It has been there for some time, and the last sale date has long since passed. You therefore choose to abandon the project. 

The situation with the paint can be compared to a customer or citizen's personal data. If information is placed on the wrong 'shelf', they simply cannot be used actively. If the data has an incorrect label, journal code or security group, it can be very difficult to retrieve the information and activate it in another context. In the same way, doubts about authenticity, security and the like can also be created. When information is misleading, flawed or otherwise misplaced, digital information sharing becomes difficult. Inaccurate or misplaced data becomes difficult to share and has no real value. 

Integrated and automated systems with clear insights into data save time and reduce stress within organizations, while also reducing workload.  


Ready to exploit the potential of your IT systems?

At Formpipe, we have developed a solution that ensures the data in our customers' IT systems is accurate, of high quality and is business-readyThe solution ensures that data is not error-prone or placed on the shelf for screws. This means that our customers are being helped well on their way to reaping the digital rewards that are right in front of them. 

Adoxa is your digital assistant, it scans, identifies and presents you with all aspects of your organization's data that do not comply with GDPR, general good data security or your organization's special data management requirements. Adoxa ensures efficient data cleanup across all of your data sources; Outlook, Office365, Teams, Sharepoint, file drives, ECM system, etc. The solution contains a set of rules designed to keep track of compliance with GDPR and your individual data security and data ethics policies. Adoxa ensures you get full value from the most important currency you have - data. 


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