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Quality Control

Your digital assistant to ensure high data quality and GDPR compliance

Take control of your business data

Formpipe’s Quality Control product is used by more than 40 organisations to ensure data quality and compliance. The solution provides valuable visualisation and reporting tools for you to easily take control of the company's data in business-critical areas such as GDPR status, process management and data storage.


Let Quality Control help you help yourself

Want to learn more about Quality Control & all the cool stuff it can do? Book a demo today!


Chaos is the neighbour of God

It's been almost an explosive growth in data over the last couple of years. With all the different storage options available, it's difficult to comply with the requirements for security and proper handling of personally identifiable information... Years of neglect in following document and data saving procedures result in loads of unidentifiable data which hold unknown risks. But don't worry - where there's a will there's a way - you can do something about all this!. You can now be assured that all your data is saved according to your internal security requirements, naming conventions and meeting GDPR compliance.

The improved data quality will now allow it to be better shared across multiple systems which can add tremendous value in viewing data in new contexts which was never before possible.


A back to the future experience

To overcome these problems, a tool is required that offers automated and intelligent quality assurance of the company's systems. The solution should use automated processes to scan data and show a complete picture of the organisation’s data quality.

This is where Quality Control comes into play. We at Formpipe, have developed a solution that can create order from chaos and ensure high data quality across IT systems, throughout the organisation. Among other things, the solution ensures that:

  • Personally identifiable information that is unprotected on file drives or in Outlook is identified and handled.
  • Incorrectly created and named documents are found and corrected.
  • Duplicates of documents are found and cleaned up - wherever they are.

Formpipe’s Quality Control solution takes you from data chaos to control!

Our software solution allows you to clean up existing (or old) data and also ensures that all new data coming into your systems is of high quality and meets all data security requirements. The solution looks in-depth, across all your data stores and alerts users when something may be wrong.

Quality Control works as a platform that contains a large number of predefined rules that constantly monitor the compliance of your organisation's GDPR policies and reporting practices. The solution scans your data sources and looks for deviations, according to the defined rules. When any deviation is found, users of the system are automatically notified and guided to correct the error. The solution can even go directly into the source system and correct the error. It's easy and efficient.

Get the peace of mind you deserve

Quality Control is the only software from Europe mentioned in Gartner's report Market Guide for File Analysis Software. It is a revolutionary solution that can help you make better use of your IT system’s data and protect against breaches of the Personal Data Act.

Besides, it can visualise data for different areas. It is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to satisfy the management team! This gives management an overall control and overview of the quality of the system's data.

The choices (or “rules”) you make about your data security and policies can be directly implemented via an easily accessible administration tool. You may also want to have a full overview of your data quality and organisational positioning of your GDPR challenges. This overview is viewed in an associated BI tool.

All the deviations from your data rules that the solutions finds are made visible in the BI tool and you can see where you may need to implement process change. You get the full insight - where and when you want to.


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