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Headquarters, Stockholm

Formpipe Software AB
Sveavägen 168, Stockholm
Box 231 31, 104 35 Stockholm
SE – Sverige
Tel: +46 8 555 290 60


Gasverksgränd 2, 582 22 Linköping
Tel: +46 8 500 072 25



Lautrupvang 1
2750 Ballerup
Tel: +45 3325 6555

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Formpipe Lasernet GmbH
Am Flughafen
60549 Frankfurt am Main

The Netherlands

Stationsplein 105
5211 BM ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Tel: +31 73 704 0318


UK, Cambridge

2 Burlington Park
Station Road, Foxton
Cambridge – CB22 6SA
Tel: +44 1223 872747


UK, Nottingham

Unit 1, Isaac Newton Centre 
Nottingham Science Park
Nottingham – NG7 2RH
Tel: +44 115 924 8475



Formpipe, inc.
1200 US Highway 22 E Suite 2000
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Tel : +1 908 200 7937

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Lasernet for Dynamics 365

Built into Dynamics, not added on

Documents Designed and Distributed Your Way

Wherever you are in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 journey, Lasernet can help pick up the pace. Perfectly designed and presented, your customer-facing business documents will be a cut above the rest, but the best part is that they are far cheaper and easier to generate when compared to using SSRS alone.


Let Lasernet help you win

Microsoft accredited and available on AppSource, Lasernet puts the user into the driving seat on the document management track. Take a test drive today and see how you can achieve pole position. 


It's all about Communication

The internet came along and all of a sudden the world opened up for business. Our screens have become shop windows and we are all clicking away buying things from far and wide. With the vast majority of human interaction removed from the sales cycle, organisations need to ensure their brand identity is on point and that customers receive an exceptional experience throughout the entire order and delivery process.

Click and print, doesn't sound difficult, but us in the know, know that it is. We've all had to find the athlete within when a confidential document has been sent to the wrong printer on the other side of the office. If man can walk on the moon, why can’t a document be generated, previewed and sent to an assigned printer?

In 2018 over 281 billion emails were sent each day, many of which containing business-critical documents, winging their way around the globe. One file format does not fit all, which is why we have XML, PDF, Excel, Word and so forth. Herein lies another issue, in that they need to be generated, attached and distributed in an effective way. Once again, it doesn't sound difficult, but some document changes can take hundreds of hours of high-cost development.


Microsoft + Formpipe

Together with Microsoft, Formpipe has created a quick view document to show how Lasernet removes the need for SSRS programming in Dynamics 365.

See for yourself here >


Putting the User in the Driving Seat

Image is everything and consumers are demanding more. Customer communication should always be clear, precise and perfectly on-brand. Creating, amending or adding data to documents can cause frustration (and be expensive) within standard Dynamics 365. Lasernet Developer will ease this pain as creative and complex documents can be created without the need for programming.

Using Lasernet, you can simplify your distribution processes by using predefined destinations which ensures that your documents will arrive in the right place at the right time in your desired format. Whether you require a simple default destination or a more detailed flow, Lasernet's drag and drop functionality enables the user to take control.

For those that hate surprises, the lack of a preview function in standard Dynamics 365 is an issue. With Lasernet all documents are opened in separate tabs, making navigation, compilation and comparison quick and easy. Users can also return to Dynamics 365 without having to close all documents and preview documents are viewed as in their final format.

Life without Limitations

Lasernet enables the creation of brand rich business-critical documents without the need for programming. Built into Dynamics 365, Lasernet removes the limitations of SSRS and replaces it with an intuitive interface that enables the user to design, distribute, update and archive documents as required.

Through archiving we will introduce the principles of digital preservation. You will not only be able to archive from Lasernet, but also search and retrieve your data. The Lasernet archive is information-rich, displaying when, to whom and how the document was sent. It also enables instant multi-resend functionality of an exact copy that was created at that point in time.

There's a lot more to Lasernet than meets the eye, but don't just take our word for it. Not only are we a Microsoft Gold Partner and member of Microsoft's PREP, but we're also available on AppSource. Take a free test drive and see for yourself.


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